Rates & Rules


Rates per night: Must be paid on arrival.

Site type



KOA Card

Tent 33 31.35 29.70
Rv non service site 35 33.25 31.50
Tent/Rv 15 A Electric 37 35.15 33.30
Tent/Rv15 A Elec + water 39 37.05 35.10
P/thru Rv 30A + Wtr+Swg 41 38.95 36.90
Bk/in Rv 30A+Wtr+Swg 43 40.85 38.70
P/thru Rv 30A + Wtr+Swg 45 42.75 40.50
Big rig P/Thru 30 A+Wtr+Swg 49 46.55 44.10
P/Thru 50A+Wtr+Swg 52 49.40 46.80
Big rig 50A+wtr+swg Pthru 55 52.25 49.50

Extended stays

For monthly/longer stay rates
Group reservations

Please contact Management by email: welcomestop@gmail.com
Or call: (204) 979-2229
Toll free: (800) 562-0378

All Rates Include:

  • Free showers
  • Free wifi
  • Free use of pool and splash pad
  • Free storage on site when staying at the campground for at least 4 months (RV insurance required)

We have city water for all our serviced sites

Extended stay discount:
Please call Management: 204 979 2229

Please note: Discounted rates for extended stay will not appear on the confirmation email but will be applied at the time of arrival.

For reservations and cancellation policy, please visit www.koa.com

please call for availability and other information. Tel: 204-979-2229

All fees must be paid in advance at the time of arrival.


To maintain a pleasant, clean, relaxing and peaceful atmosphere, all guests are
requested to follow our Happy Camper’s Guidelines:

Pool and splash pad remain closed during bad weather or while there is frost in the ground.

  • Guests and their visitors must check-in at the office before entering the campground.
  • There is maximum speed limit of 5km per hour anywhere in the campground.
  • For safety reasons Children aged 12 or under can only be in the pool/splash pad area with adult supervision.
  • Quiet hours for our campground are 10:30 pm to 7:30 am
  • Pets must be under supervision at all times, any litter created by them must be
  • picked up promptly. Please note that pets are prohibited in pool or playground area.
  • Fire works are not allowed in the campground.
  • Washing your vehicles in the campground is prohibited.
  • Being in the close proximity of the river and highway, we request all of our guests to alert younger members in your group of the dangers associated.
  • KOA/Management is not liable for any injuries or loss due to negligence.
  • Anyone not following these guidelines and behaving in an unruly manner will be evicted from the premises without warning.